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borderland, scott, feuille, anson, suspense, great book, new author, best selling author
borderland, scott, feuille, anson, great book, suspense, new author, best selling author

When the Cartel violence plaguing Mexico spills across the border and takes the life of Jake Martin’s estranged, money-laundering father, the airline pilot and Navy veteran finds himself back in the town he thought he had left for good.  Led by clues from the grave and pursued by a crooked lawyer, his sexy assistant and the DEA, Jake unwittingly embarks on a quest for millions in hidden cash.  Destined for the narcos but intended for something much darker than drugs, the money has also attracted the attention of Ricardo “Tuco” Medrano, an American-born, violence-weary Cartel enforcer who is looking for a way out.  Unknowingly tied by more than the treasure in the desert, Jake and Tuco are drawn together in a deadly contest that will play itself out in the mountains west of El Paso…

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BORDERLAND is like a rollercoaster with a broken seat belt—it’s a good ride that once you’re on you can’t get off. 
By David Della Rocco, actor, The Boondock Saints

Anson Scott has built a great cast of characters led by Jake, a regular guy that is drawn into a mess.  He’s a smart-ass with a soft side—if I were twenty years younger, I’d like to play this guy in the movie. Even the bad guy was more than he seemed…it’s not often that I find myself pulling for the “villain”.  No doubt Tuco was bad, but he had a heart. The story kept me riveted with a rocket pace, clever intrigue and well-placed twists.  Stark images of cartel brutality were tempered with wit and humanity. BORDERLAND is a fun read, and I’m ready for Anson’s next book!​​

Insightful Read into the underbelly of the narcotics world
By Chuck P

Borderland is a gripping novel that is a great read from start to finish. Anson Scott's description of the illicit narcotics trade and the devastation that accompanies it brings the reader face to face with the  reality of life on the southern border of the United States. Using El Paso as the focal point, it highlights the chaos that drugs bring to a border city through the violence that rival gangs continually perpetuate  on each other and those unfortunate enough to get caught in the crossfire.  Scott's characters are written with a depth and realism that help to put the reader into the center of the action. His central character is an everyman who the reader can relate to and who you instinctively want to succeed despite any shortcomings he may have. This was a great piece of fiction that uses the backdrop of actual events to provide substance to the very real dangers of the cartels and the drug wars. I look forward to future novels from Mr. Scott and would highly recommend this book to anyone.

Exciting, well-written and compelling. A great read.

By Sean Murphy
A fast-paced and gripping read, Borderland is a contemporary story spanning two nations and which ties two characters, who ostensibly started in the same place, but embarked on wildly divergent lives. Both are dissatisfied and question how they got to their present life, only to find themselves unknowingly drawn together again in the novel's climax. Alternatingly funny, heartwarming and horrifying, the story will keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters are so well-developed and human, that you'll find yourself almost rooting as well for the bad guy. Almost. From the very begining, the story is compelling and the action is intense. This is truly a novel you won't want to put down until the story's end, because you'll discover that you just "need" to find out what happens next.  A superb first-effort action novel, and I can't wait for the author's next effort, and to see what else may be in store for Borderland's hero.


Excellent Read, Fast-Paced and Action Packed
By StacyV
Borderland is an intelligently written novel, well plotted and researched. The story shares a complicated tale of reality, drugs, violence, love and revenge. Both the antagonist and protagonist are likeable guys drawing the reader into the intricate story line of the cartels. It is not over the top, and is very plausible. Truly a good showing from a new writer; Borderland is a book to pick up and be hooked from the first page to the last, it does not disappoint. Highly recommended as a fast read.

Riveting and actioned packed
I love this book! It is about a young single pilot whose estranged father died and left him an inheritance that put Jake, the main character, into a scary adventure with the Cartel. The author really brought out the evil surrounding the Cartel. The main character has a great personality that comes alive on the page. I couldn't put it down! The author's writing style kept me up until the wee hours of the night. I tend to read to the end of a chapter and then fold it up for the night. This book kept me reading. I loved the dog, he reminded me of mine with his loyalty and naughtiness. The book took some twists that I didn't expect too and even included some romance. I am anxiously awaiting for more from this author!


Fun, fascinating and suspenseful
By KayBlogger
Anson Scott's entertaining debut novel is a fun, fascinating and suspenseful read. Full of rich characters, intrigue and witty humor woven into a plot that takes you across the border and explores realistic glimpses into the Mexican drug cartel violence. Definitely a page turner.

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